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Key Technologies for the Future

Within the next 100 years  mankind will face a critical shortage of the resources needed to support human life as we know it.  These vital resources (clean air and water,  abundant safe energy and nutritious food) are jeopardized by an exponentially increasing population.  At present the world's population is approximately 6 billion and by mid century the population will likely approach 9 billion.  

Our survival depends on a three faceted approach:  decreasing population growth and consumption patterns,  reducing global inequalities,  and the invention of new technologies to solve specific critical problems that bolster or replace existing infrastructures. 

We believe the following key infrastructures are vital to human survival:  energy systems (production, processing and distribution),  air and water purification systems,  food systems (production,  processing,  and distribution),  waste processing systems,  healthcare and medical systems,  industrial and manufacturing systems,  housing and construction systems,  information processing and communication systems,  and transportation infrastructures.  Each of these infrastructures must be affordable,  efficient,  robust,  adaptable,  maintainable, and distributed.

These infrastructures are built upon common key technologies.  We are focused on certain of these key technologies.

Fenetrix Key Technologies

Fenetrix and it's affiliates have been involved in the following key technologies:

  • energy production technologies
  • waste processing technologies
  • healthcare and medical technologies
  • bio and nano technologies
  • information processing technologies
  • communications technologies
  • industrial and manufacturing technologies
  • transportation technologies (automotive and aerospace)

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