Research Group

Fenetrix Research

Over the last few years,  we have been actively engaged in research on the following technologies: 

  • Anaerboc Digestor Systems
  • Water and Waste Processing Systems
  • Plasma-based Communications Systems
  • New-wave (scalar, A-wave) Communications
  • Inertial Space Drives and Power Systems
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • Fault-tolerant Embedded Microprocessors for Fly-by-wire.
  • PIC EM Models
  • Computational Foundations for Mathematics
  • Parallel Distributed Neural Networks Via Agent Clusters 
  • GA Neural Activation Instruction Sets for Microprocessors
  • Military Shipboard HF Communications Systems
  • Military Ground-based and In-flight Data Recording Systems
  • Pharmaceutical Dispensing Systems
  • Cellular Radio Infrastructure
  • Wireless Data Radio Infrastructure and Simulators
  • Automotive Control Systems
  • GPS-based Navigation Systems
  • Hierarchical Geographical Map Databases
  • Advanced Manufacturing Test Systems
  • Neural Network based OCR Algorithms and Systems
  • Vehicle Location Networks
  • Internet Device Architectures
  • Waste to Energy Reactor Systems
  • Advanced Sensors
  • HVAC Systems
  • Distributed LIMS Systems
  • Hand-held Computing Technology

Our expertise is available at the client's site or at our research and development facility.


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